Important note to avoid getting a ton of SPAM in your email box!

None of us want a bunch of SPAM/junk emails in our email boxes. I suggest that if you are going to sign up for free samples and/or do trials that you get an email address specifically for that purpose (personally, I have had over 50 different email addresses for this purpose!). It's very simple to get a free email. Just go to and sign up for one. Once you have your free email address you can use that email for any freebies you sign up for!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Clorox Wipes at Fry's (possibly other stores too)

Hello Everyone!!!

For those of you who use Facebook, Clorox has a Facebook Page and they have a coupon right now for 1.00 off any Clorox disinfecting item.

Fry's has the travel packs of Clorox Wipes for 1.00 each. Use the coupon and they are free! You can print this coupon 2 times per computer. If you have more computers or friends that will print for you, you can get more!

Here is the link to their Facebook page:!/Clorox

When you get to the page you may need click on LIKE. You will then need to click on the Clorox Home tab (near the top of the page) and then scroll to the bottom and you will see that you can click a button for the coupon. Once the coupon prints, just click the back button on your computer screen (usually near the top left of the screen) and you can print it again (it might say that the page needs to "resend" it!).


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get a 20.00 Gift Card to Barnes & Nobles for 10.00

Hi Everyone,

Groupon has a deal running today for a 20.00 Barnes and Nobles Gift Card for 10.00. Simple stuff...just make the purchase and in about 24 hours (or less) you will get your email saying you can print your certificate. If you don't see the Barnes and Nobles deal when you click the link, look on the right side of the page at the other deals listed. It says 10.00 for 20.00 worth of toys, books, etc.

Here is the link:

The deal is only running today/tomorrow (5th and 6th). Jump on it now as they sometimes pull the deals early.