Important note to avoid getting a ton of SPAM in your email box!

None of us want a bunch of SPAM/junk emails in our email boxes. I suggest that if you are going to sign up for free samples and/or do trials that you get an email address specifically for that purpose (personally, I have had over 50 different email addresses for this purpose!). It's very simple to get a free email. Just go to and sign up for one. Once you have your free email address you can use that email for any freebies you sign up for!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 Free Business Cards + Free Ship - no cc required!

Hi Everyone!

Been a long time since I posted freebies....time to get going on it again!

Here's a super simple easy one. 10 Free Business Cards....Free Shipping....No Credit Card Required! FREE FREE FREE!!! And they have some great designs. Makes a great way to hand someone your phone/email info -- no need to write it down! You can completely customize the cards.