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None of us want a bunch of SPAM/junk emails in our email boxes. I suggest that if you are going to sign up for free samples and/or do trials that you get an email address specifically for that purpose (personally, I have had over 50 different email addresses for this purpose!). It's very simple to get a free email. Just go to and sign up for one. Once you have your free email address you can use that email for any freebies you sign up for!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Workin' the FREEBIES at FRY'S!!!

Hi All,

Only a couple of days left to do this but it's a great deal!!! Fry's is having their Mega Sale. You must buy 10 participating items (9 won't work and 11 will mess up your totals!). You can do this more than once in a transaction as long as you have multiples of 10. When you buy 10 participating items you will automatically get 5.00 off your order.

Here's what you need to buy and the associated coupons that you can print and the totals:

1. Nabisco GO-CUP cookies (they have oreo, nutter butter, chips ahoy, ritz bits, and teddy grahams) -- .99
2. Nabisco GO-CUP cookies (they have oreo, nutter butter, chips ahoy, ritz bits, and teddy grahams) -- .99
3. Nabisco GO-CUP cookies (they have oreo, nutter butter, chips ahoy, ritz bits, and teddy grahams) -- .99
4. Nabisco GO-CUP cookies (they have oreo, nutter butter, chips ahoy, ritz bits, and teddy grahams) -- .99
5. - 9. FIVE Bricks of Kraft Cream Cheese @ 1.49 = 7.45
10. One 3L Bottle of Arrowhead Water - .99
You will also need to buy 1.60 of other items to cover the overage (get some halloween candy, or the candy bars at checkout, or bread and eggs....doesn't matter as long as it is at least 1.50)

Here are the coupons you need to print:
Go to (YES, YOU CAN USE TARGET COUPONS AT FRY'S FOR A LIMITED TIME) and near the bottom of the page on the left side there is a link that says it! There are 10 pages of coupons. You need the coupon that says 1.00 off 2 Nabisco COOKIES. You also need the coupon that says 1.00 off 2 Kraft Cream Cheese. You will need to print each of these coupons TWICE. You should now have 4 coupons.

CLICK HERE to get a coupon for 5.00 off of 5 cream cheese (you can use this in addition to those target coupons!) now have 5 coupons in your hands....2 for the cookies, 2 for the cream cheese, and 1 from Kraft.

Here is how your totals will look:

4 go cups of cookies @ .99 = 3.96
5 kraft cream cheese @ .99 = 7.45
1 three liter bottle of water @ .99 = .99
At least 1.50 worth of other items = 1.60
Instant Savings from Mega Deal = -5.00
NEW SUBTOTAL: 9.00 comes the fun part....the coupons:
You have exactly 9.00 worth of coupons (5.00 kraft, 1.00 cookies, 1.00 cookies, 1.00 cream cheese, 1.00 cream cheese).
GUESS WHAT???? Your new total is.....FREE!!!!!


Chex Mix Gameday Sweepstakes and Party!

Hi All,

Been awhile since I posted -- been busy with the new job!

Just wanted to pop in and tell you all about the awesome package I received in the mail from CHEX MIX. They sent me all the snacks I needed for our Sunday Football!!! We had a blast trying all the flavors -- I think our favorite was the Turtle Chex Mix --big time yummy! The plates and napkins and party bowl were a big hit, too.

Chex Mix is having a great sweepstakes on facebook. It's called The Ultimate Chex Mix Gameday Sweeps. For a chance to win $10,000 in cash and prizes to make your place the ultimate Game Day spot, visit the Game Day Sweeps tab on the Chex Mix Facebook page to enter! Just click HERE to visit their page and enter.

Thanks to Chex Mix for the awesome party package! GO BEARS!!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010


Good Morning Everyone!

How about a FREE WAFFLE (any variety) to start your day (actually, any time of the day!)?

Just CLICK HERE to go to the Waffle House page and then print the page (it has the coupon) and take it to your local Waffle House. It is good for One Free Waffle - Any Variety....dine in only.

***Note: This is a "big" will take 2 pages and the first page is a waste. If you just print Page 2 you will just be printing the coupon!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

6 Bottles of Bacardi for 2.00 after rebate!!!

Hi All,

If you are lucky enough to find one of the rebate forms you can get an awesome deal on Bacardi Rum!

The forms have been found around the country in numerous drug stores and grocery stores. Sometimes the forms are on the neck of the bottle and sometimes they are on a tearpad. The rebate says 60 Second Cocktails. The form is for a 60.00 Rebate when you buy 6 Bottles of Bacardi Rum (you can also get Grey Goose Vodka if you want to).

Total Wine has Bacardi Rum for 9.49.

Deal looks like this:
6 Bottles of Bacardi Rum x 9.49 = 56.94
Tax is dependent on where you live

RECEIVE 60.00 Rebate! Final Cost: FREE!!!!!!!

Another option is to purchase 1 bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and 5 bottles of Bacardi Rum. At Total Wine the Grey Goose is 21.99.....add that to 47.45 for 5 bottles of rum for a total of 69.44. Received a 60.00 rebate and your total after the rebate is 9.44

These rebates are good until September 15th. Make sure to read and follow all the terms.

I have seen the rebate forms available on Ebay for between 1.00 and 2.00 -- still an amazing deal if you can get one quickly enough (you can always go buy the rum and save the have to buy the rum by the 15th and the form must be mailed by Sept. 29th).


Monday, September 6, 2010

100.00 Safeway Card Giveaway!

Hi All,

One of the blogs I follow is giving away a 100.00 Safeway Giftcard!!! How awesome would it be to win that!? Just go to to enter the giveaway!

Enjoy and Good Luck!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

50 free prints and free shipping at Snap Fish

Good Morning!!!

If you've never ordered from Snap Fish then this post is for you! Right now they are offering 50 Free Prints to new users. AND...if you use Coupon Code FREELDSHIP when you check out, you will get FREE SHIPPING!!! I just placed my order and I didn't even have to provide a credit card! SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE!

Just CLICK HERE TO GO TO SNAPFISH and then set up your account. The page you go to will say something about 10.00 credit and 30 pictures....don't pay any attention to that. Just click the GET STARTED button. As soon as you upload a picture the 50 free prints will automatically be added. Once you have all your pics uploaded and added to your cart you are ready to checkout. During the checkout process (I believe it was the page where you choose shipping or the page after that) there will be a place to enter a coupon code. Just enter FREELDSHIP and you will receive free shipping.


How I got a 500.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card for 20.00!!! It came today!

Hello Everyone!!!

I'm so excited! My 500.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card came today!!!!!! I spent a total of 20.00 to get it and it was so easy to do -- you just have to keep good records.

I've done these deals in the past and they have always worked well for me. In the past 18 months, I've done these deals and received a 500.00 Best Buy gift card (hello new computer!), 250.00 Kohls Gift Card, 250.00 Lowes Gift Card, 250.00 Chili's Gift Card, and now this 500.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card!

I was going to type up a whole tutorial on how to do this but it will be much simpler to just direct you to the site that I got the instructions from since her instructions are pretty clear!

Instructions can be found at and when you get there just click on TRIALS on the left side of the page (about half way down). Do not just jump into this without reading everything carefully.

The site I went to for the 500.00 walmart card was

***I do NOT, in any way, guarantee that you will have the same results that I did. I do NOT work for any of these companies. I am simply sharing the information I used to do this.

I cannot stress this strongly enough: KEEP GOOD RECORDS and READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON EVERYTHING!

Hints on trials that are easy: movie rental trials, movie clubs, game clubs, book clubs. Even with the movie and book clubs -- you can "try" the product and send it back if you aren't completely happy with the product. If you read the terms and conditions (DO IT!!!) of each trial, you may find that the company will even refund your shipping. They won't tell you about it on the phone....this is why you need to be prepared.

This is not for need patience and time to do it correctly.

Enjoy! I'm looking forward to our shopping spree this weekend!

Friday, August 27, 2010

And the winner is.....

Good Morning!

I have drawn the name of the winner for the Free Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese Coupon and the winner is Autumn Heather!

I've sent you a message on your blog. Need your shipping info. You can email it to me at


Monday, August 23, 2010

My First Give Away! The new Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese

Hi Everyone!

I figured it's about time I start doing some give aways -- I love entering the give aways on the other blogs that I follow.

I'm going to be mailing one lucky winner two coupons. One is for a FREE package of the New Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Homestyle. The second coupon is for 1.00 off the same product.

So, here's how it works: You can get up to 5 entries into the give-away. The first one is mandatory. For each of the 4 items you need to leave a separate comment for each one.

1. MANDATORY: Leave a comment on this post = 1 entry
2. Go to Facebook and "like" my Bargains and Freebies page by clicking HERE and then come back to this page and post a separate comment letting me know that you "liked" me on facebook. If you have previously "liked" me just post that you already did it. = 1 entry
3. Blog about this giveaway and leave a link to your post in the comments section (separate comment). = 2 entries
4. Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect (there's a link on the right side of this page) and leave another comment letting me know you did it. If you already follow this blog just post that you already do. = 1 entry.

The deadline to enter is Thursday evening at 8:00pm. I will draw on Friday morning/afternoon and email the winner and post the results here (don't worry....I won't be posting your email info or last name!).


Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Breyers Ice Cream - Circle K/Walmart/Albertson's

Hi All,

Sweet deal if you have these stores near you! 4 FREE pints of Breyer's Ice Cream (you can get more but you can only do 4 at a time).

Here's the 2 ways to do it:

1st way (and the easiest) -- this is if you have a Circle K gas station AND an Albertson's near you.

1. Go to Circle K Gas Station and head to the frozen food area. There should be coupons stuck to the freezer door for 1.00 off 1 pint of Breyers Ice Cream. Take however many you will use (don't be too greedy -- you can always go back for more or go to another Circle K).

2. Head to Albertson's. Buy 4 Pints of Breyer's Ice Cream. They are having a special that when you buy 4 pints they are .50 each.

3. My cashier let me use 2 Coupons (the system would have taken 4 and gave me overage but she caught on).

YOUR TOTAL WILL BE 2.00 (.50x4) -- you will pay with the Two 1.00 off coupons.

2nd Way to do this:

Do the same as above but go to Wal-Mart instead of Albertson's. You will need to have the Albertson's ad with you. Wal-Mart does PRICE MATCHING. Just tell (and show if they ask) the cashier that Albertson's has the pints for .50. If they give you any grief about it being a "special when you buy four" just point out that in the ad the regular price is 1.00 (then you can use 4 coupons).


Going to Albertson's is slightly easier since you don't have to Price Match.

Have fun!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Charmin, Downy, Old Spice & a kit kat for .17 at Fry's/Kroger

Hi Everyone!

Fry's/Kroger is running a pretty awesome deal on Proctor & Gamble items this week. You get 4.00 off your order instantly when you purchase 4 participating items.

Here is a deal scenario for you where your total will be 0.17

Buy 1 Downy Fabric Softener @ 4.99
Buy 1 Charmin (12 double roll or 6 mega roll) = 6.99
Buy 2 Old Spice Body Wash @ 2.99 = 5.98
Buy 1 Kit Kat Bar @ .50 = .50
Proctor & Gamble Deal: -4.00
Electronic Coupon (load this on to your card at for Downy: -2.00
Electronic Coupon (load this on to your card at for Charmin: -3.00
Electronic Coupon (load this on to your card at for Old Spice: -2.00
Electronic Coupon (load this on to your card at for Old Spice: -1.00
Paper Coupon for Downy from P&G Sunday Paper Insert on 6/6/10 for .50 doubled to -1.00
Paper Coupon for Charmin from P&G Sunday Paper Insert on 6/6/10 for .25 (all coupons worth at least 1.00 at fry's this week): -1.00
Paper Coupon for Old Spice Body Wash from P&G Sunday Paper Insert on 6/6/10 for Buy One Get one Free: -3.29
Paper Coupon for Old Spice Body Wash from P&G Sunday Paper Insert on 6/6/10 for 1.00: -1.00
GRAND TOTAL: 0.17 (plus tax)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free Colgate Toothpaste & Reach Toothbrushes at Walgreen's

Hi All,

Two nice freebies at Walgreen's. Buy Colgate Toothpaste for 3.49 and you get back a Register Rewards Coupon for 3.50 off your next shopping trip. This coupon does NOT roll (if you try to use it to purchase another Colgate you will NOT get another coupon -- you need to use it on something else...keep reading!). After you have completed this transaction you can use the 3.50 to buy 4 Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrushes (make sure to get the Crystal Clean). These are usually 1.59 or 1.79.

***You probably figured out that at 1.59 each for the toothbrushes they will not be free with the 3.50 Register Reward Coupon. Here's how to get them free:

Many of the Reach Toothbrushes have 1.00 off coupons attached to them...just grab 4 of those coupons and your transaction will look like this:

4 Toothbrushes @ 1.59 = 6.36 or 4 toothbrushes @ 1.79 = 7.16
4 Coupons for 1.00 off
TOTAL will be either 2.36 or 3.16
You will need to purchase something for 1.14 or .34 to eat up the difference

You will get back a coupon for 4.00 off your next order....
Guess What?! You can use the 4.00 off coupon for ANOTHER COLGATE (you'll need .50 off stuff to eat up the overage)

What to buy to eat up the overage? School supplies are rather cheap right now, or you could get a candy bar or two.

You can keep going back and forth with these register the toothpaste deal and then do the toothbrush deal and then the toothpaste get the idea. My store was well stocked with the toothpaste but only had 4 of the toothbrushes so I was only able to do that one once. The trick to the toothbrushes is to make sure they have 4 of them, make sure they are the correct ones, and only do the deal if they have 4.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Warning about photo card company

Hello All,

Last week I posted a deal from for 24 free photo cards. Yesterday I received my package and while I'm thrilled with the quality of pictures I received, I need to tell you all what else happened with this company.

I received a second package from was addressed to me. Inside the envelope I found someone else's pictures. I know mistakes can happen in shipping and I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it except for the fact that the pictures were of a child. Included with the order was a card that listed the recipients name, address, phone number, and email address. It dawned on me that I now have all the info on where this child probably lives. It bothers me that this info could have gone to anyone. I sent an email (since they provided it to me) to the person that ordered the pictures to tell them what happened. I also called the company and while they apologized to me they did not seem to think it was a big deal. They did say they would call the recipient and they emailed me a prepaid shipping label so I can return the pictures to them.

I just thought I should let my readers know what happened.


Hi Everyone!

Thanks to Cents'Able Shoppin! website for posting this one!

Let's start the day with a small but cool freebie! It's a luggage lock and it's called WORDLOCK (apparently you will set the combination as a word instead of numbers -- cool idea)!

All you need to do get a free Wordlock is to "like" them on facebook...simple! Just CLICK HERE to go to their page, sign in to your facebook account, and then "like" them. Once you click on "like" you should be able to fill out the form!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Morning!!!

Just wanted to share my huge run to Fry's this morning....I was there at 5:15am!!! I combined the Crayola Crayon Deal and the Mega Deal (you can read about them on the main page of this blog). I got 135.72 of stuff for 4.74!!!!!!

I did 3 transactions and I started out with a 2.00 off your next order from the Olay Deal (buy 2 Olay Total Effects Body Wash and get 2.00 off your next order) and a 4.00 off your order from the Crayon Deal (buy 10 crayola crayon 24ct boxes and get 4.00 off your next order).

Here is the rundown:

Transaction #1

10 Boxes of Crayola Crayons - regular price 2.19 (21.90) - sale price .25 x 10 = 2.50
2 Ivory Body Wash: 2.39 x 2 = 4.78
Simply Hashbrowns: regular price 2.99 - sale price 1.49
2 Vitamin Water - regular price 1.59 (3.18) - sale price .99 x 2 = 1.98
2 Kraft Miracle Whip - regular price 2.27 (4.54) - sale price 1.99 x 2 = 3.98
3 Aqua Fresh Toothpaste - regular price 2.19 (6.57) - sale price 1.50 x 3 = 4.50
2 Franco American Spaghettio's - .99 x 2 = 1.98
2 Olay Total Effects Body Wash - Regular Price 5.99 (11.98) - sale price 5.77 x 2 = 11.54
SUBTOTAL - Regular Price 57.92 - Sale Price = 32.75
Mega Sale Discount: -5.00
Coupon for Free Ivory Body Wash when you Buy Olay Body Wash (found in the 6/6 P&G coupon insert): -2.39
Coupon for Free Ivory Body Wash when you Buy Olay Body Wash (found in the 6/6 P&G coupon insert): - 2.39
Coupon for Olay Body Wash (found in the 6/6 P&G coupon insert): -4.00
Coupon for Olay Body Wash (found in the 6/6 P&G coupon insert): -4.00
Coupon for 1.00 off 2 Spaghettios from : -1.00
Electronic Coupon loaded on my frys card from for Ivory Body Wash: -.50
Coupon for Simply Hashbrowns (found in the Dairy Coupon Book at Safeway): -.55 doubled to -1.00 (fry's doubles coupons up to 1.00)
Coupons for 1.00 off 2 Vitamin Water found in August All You Magazine: -1.00
Coupon for Kraft Miracle Whip from "liking" Miracle Whip on Facebook: -1.00
Coupon for Kraft Miracle Whip from "liking" Miracle Whip on Facebook: -1.00
Coupon for Aqua Fresh Toothpaste from : -1.00
Coupon for Aqua Fresh Toothpaste from : -1.00
Coupon for Aqua Fresh Toothpaste from : -1.00
Gave cashier my 2.00 off your next order coupon and my 4.00 off your next order coupon
Subtotal: .47
Tax: 1.89
***Plus I got back a 4.00 off next order from buying the crayons and 2.00 off next order from buying the Olay

Transaction #2
10 Boxes of Crayola Crayons - regular price 2.19 (21.90) - sale price .25 x 10 = 2.50
1 Simply Hashbrowns: regular price 2.99 - sale price 1.49
3 Kraft Miracle Whip - regular price 2.27 (6.81) - sale price 1.99 x 3 = 5.97
6 Franco American Spaghettio's - .99 x 6 = 5.94
1 Head of Lettuce: 1.00
1 Bag M&M's: .50
SUBTOTAL: Regular Price: 39.14 -- Sale Price: 17.40
Mega Sale Discount: -5.00
Coupon for Free Head of Lettuce received in the mail: -1.00
Coupon for Simply Hashbrowns (found in the Dairy Coupon Book at Safeway): -.55 doubled to -1.00
Coupon for Kraft Miracle Whip from "liking" Miracle Whip on Facebook: -1.00
Coupon for Kraft Miracle Whip from "liking" Miracle Whip on Facebook: -1.00
Coupon for Kraft Miracle Whip from "liking" Miracle Whip on Facebook: -1.00
Coupon for 1.00 off 2 Spaghettios from : -1.00
Coupon for 1.00 off 2 Spaghettios from : -1.00
Coupon for 1.00 off 2 Spaghettios from : -1.00
Tax: .19
Paid with 4.00 off your order coupon
***Plus I got back another 4.00 off your next order coupon from the Crayons

Transaction #3
10 Boxes of Crayola Crayons - regular price 2.19 (21.90) - sale price .25 x 10 = 2.50
2 Ivory Body Wash: 2.39 x 2 = 4.78
2 Olay Total Effects Body Wash - Regular Price 5.99 (11.98) - sale price 5.77 x 2 = 11.54
SUBTOTAL: Regular Price: 38.66 -- Sale Price: 18.82
Coupon for Free Ivory Body Wash when you Buy Olay Body Wash (found in the 6/6 P&G coupon insert): -2.39
Coupon for Free Ivory Body Wash when you Buy Olay Body Wash (found in the 6/6 P&G coupon insert): - 2.39
Coupon for Olay Body Wash (found in the 6/6 P&G coupon insert): -4.00
Coupon for Olay Body Wash (found in the 6/6 P&G coupon insert): -4.00
New Subtotal: 6.04
Tax: 1.75
Paid with 4.00 off your order from Crayons and 2.00 off your order from Olay in Transaction #1
***Plus I got back 4.00 off your next order from Crayons and 2.00 off your next order from Olay

*****On top of all this there is a rebate from Olay for 10.00 back when you spend 30.00 - CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REBATE FORM - I bought 2 olay on Thursday and 4 more today and I have enough now to send in for the rebate!

GRAND TOTAL FOR ALL 3 TRANSACTIONS: 4.74 -- I still have a 4.00 off your next order, a 2.00 off your next order, and I will get a 10.00 rebate!!! The original non sale price total would have been 135.72!!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fry's/Kroger Mega Sale - you can get it all FREE!!!


In addition to the great Crayon Deal (see my post on that HERE), Fry's/Kroger is having one of their MEGA SALES. My suggestion would be to do the Crayon Deal once before doing this deal (you'll see why at the end of this post).

1. You MUST buy 10 participating items. You don't have to buy 10 of the same item (you can if you want to) just need to purchase 10 items from the participating items.

2. When you purchase 10 items you will receive 5.00 off your order instantly.

3. While you are checking out, watch the video screen and you should see a small + sign next to the items. The + sign means it was a participating item!

Here is the deal that I did:

Tombstone Pizza: 2.99
Tombstone Pizza: 2.99
Tombstone Pizza: 2.99
Aqua Fresh Toothpaste: 1.50
Aqua Fresh Toothpaste: 1.50
Aqua Fresh Toothpaste: 1.50
Philadelphia Cream Cheese: 1.50
Philadelphia Cream Cheese: 1.50
Right Guard Deodorant: 2.00
Right Guard Deodorant: 2.00
Mega Sale Discount -5.00 = 15.47
I had 3 coupons for the pizzas for 2.00 can get them by "liking" Tombstone on Facebook and sharing a thought about them (silly but worth it!) - you can print 2 per computer: -6.00 = 9.47
I had 3 coupons for Aqua Fresh for 1.00 off that I got by going to - you can print 2 per computer: -3.00 = 6.47
I had 2 coupons for the Philadelphia Cream Cheese for 1.00 off that I got by going to and signing up. You then get an email that gives you a link to print the coupon and you can print 2 per computer: -2.00 = 4.47
I had 1 coupon for 3.00 off 2 Right Guard Deodorant from -3.00 = 1.47
Now, if you did the Crayon Deal you already have a 4.00 off your next order....guess what??? Just add another 10 Crayons to this deal and your total will be: with the 4.00 coupon and your order is FREE!!!! get another 4.00 off your next order for buying the crayons!!! If you don't have the 4.00 coupon you can just pay the 1.47.

If you have any questions on how to do this you can leave a comment!


Smokin' Hot Deal on Crayons at Frys/Kroger!!! Money Maker!!!

Oh boy! This is a good one -- and you don't need any coupons!!! (I have no idea why my picture is sideways!)

Here's how it works:

1. Go to Fry's/Kroger and purchase 10 boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons. Your cost will be 2.50. The Catalina Machine (that machine that spits out coupons from time to time) will spit out a coupon for 4.00 off your next shopping order!!!

2. Go back and get 10 more boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons (you know where I'm going with this!!!) -- You will also need to get 1.50 worth of groceries (anything you want!!!). Head to the cashier. Your total will be 4.00 (2.50 for the crayons and 1.50 for your groceries). Pay with the 4.00 coupon. Guess what??? The catalina machine will give you ANOTHER 4.00 off your next order coupon!!!

YOU CAN KEEP ROLLING THIS!!!! I came home with 40 boxes of Crayons and lots of groceries!!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CVS - Free Complete Contact Lens Solution!

Another great deal from CVS. If you have Extra Bucks this is a great time to "roll" them! If you don't have any, this is a great time for you to get started with CVS.

CVS has the Complete brand Contact Lens Solution with free case on sale for 7.99

When you purchase this you will receive 7.99 back in Extra Bucks (basically making this free!).

If you already have some Extra Bucks you can use them to pay for this item making your OOP (Out of Pocket) expense 0.00 !!!!!

Now, the idea is to save the 7.99 Extra Bucks that you get and use them on something else that will produce more extra bucks ("ROLLING" the bucks!). I am currently "rolling" 51.00 in Extra Bucks!!! Just keep an eye on the expiration dates on your Extra Bucks.


24 Free Photo Cards (just pay shipping)

Hi Everyone!

Here's a deal for 24 free Photo Cards (I did mine for Christmas....they have designs for almost everything!).

Just CLICK HERE to go to the SeeHere website. Make up a photo card (4x8 size) and add 24 of them to your cart. Use the code cards-36 (lowercase letters) at checkout and it will deduct the price of the cards. Shipping for me was 2.48.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Free Johnsonville Deli Bites - SIMPLE!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!!

How about some free Johnsonville Deli Bites!?

This one is super simple...just fill out the form!



Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Bryers Ice Cream and Bananas!!!! Circle K/Walmart

Hello Everyone!

I know it's been a long time since I posted a deal -- sorry about that!!!

Anyways, how about some free Bryer's Ice Cream?! And...some bananas! YOU WILL NEED THIS WEEK'S ALBERTSON'S AD (so you can show it to the cashier at wal-mart).

This one is fairly easy.....

1. Print this coupon: Free Bananas At Circle K
***Note: the coupon for the bananas is only good today July 9th. If you don't get there today you can still do the ice cream deal below:

2. Head over to your nearest Circle K gas station (other gas stations may work). Once you get there just head over to the freezer case. Most Circle K gas stations have coupons stuck to the outside of the freezer doors. Today I found coupons for 1.00 off of Bryer's Ice Cream Pints. I snagged 6 of them!!! Just put the coupons in your purse/wallet.

3. Head towards the registers and you will find the Bananas for the coupon in the first step. Take your 3 pounds of Bananas to the register and hand the clerk the coupon. You do NOT have to pay tax on them....some cashiers don't know what to do with the coupons and they try to make you pay the tax. There are instructions printed on the coupons for the cashiers to read!!!

4. Now, take your bananas (and the Bryer's coupons that you got) and get back in your car and smile cuz you just got 3 pounds of bananas for free! Now, drive on over to Wal-Mart. Take your Albertsons ad into the store with you.

5. Go find the Bryer's Ice Cream and grab as many pints as you have coupons.

6. Head up the register and show your ablertsons ad to the cashier so she can Price Match the 1.00 Bryer's Ice Cream. After she rings up the order, hand her the coupons!

I bought 6 Bryer's Ice Cream Pints.... Total was after coupons..... .12!!!!!!

WOOO HOOO!!!!! Enjoy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Free 3 pounds of Dole Bananas at Circle K - TODAY ONLY!

Hi Everyone,

If you have Circle K gas stations near you then this deal is for you! Circle K is running an Arizona Diamondbacks promotion and there will be different deals during the season!

Today's deal -- One 3 Pound Bag of DOLE BANANAS ---- FREE!!!! No purchase necessary. To be honest, I didn't even know that Circle K sold bananas! I went it, looked around and found the display near the registers! Grabbed a bag, went to the register and handed over my coupon. The cashier said "Thank you, have a nice day" and I left! EASY EASY EASY!!!

This particular deal is good today (May 24) only so print your coupon and go get your bananas!



Friday, May 21, 2010

HUGGIES Baby Wipes for .62 !!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Awesome deal at Fry's (Krogers) on HUGGIES BABY WIPES.

Here's the deal:

Print 2 coupons from each of the links below. Click on the first link and let the coupon print...then click the back button or left arrow on your screen in the upper right corner of your screen to print it again. For the second link you click on it and it will take you to the website -- find the 2.00 off 2 baby wipes and check the box under the print at the bottom. Once it prints just click the logo in the upper left of the screen. You will then need to get to the last page of the coupons (it's like page 17 or 18) and you'll see that same coupon....check the box and print it again.



Now, you should have 4 coupons for 2.00 off 2 Huggies Wipes. Head over to Fry's with your coupons. Here is what you will purchase and what your totals will be:

Purchase 8 Huggies Wipes 64 count @ 1.99 each = 15.92
Fry's has a special right now for an instant 3.00 off when you spend 15.00 on huggies: 12.97
Use your 4 coupons for 2.00 off 2 for a total of 8.00 off: 4.97

Your grand total for 8 boxes is 4.97 ---- which comes to .62 each!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free Limeade Sparkler at Taco Bell!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

How about a FREE LIMEADE SPARKLER at TACO BELL??? Nothing to sign up for....just print the coupon and take it to Taco Bell. You don't have to buy anything!



Monday, May 17, 2010

Just got my check from ebates -- this is a no brainer!!!

Hi All,

Been awhile since I posted....been busy with visiting company! Anyways, I back at it and since I just received my second check in the mail from Ebates, I can officially say it works!

Here's the deal:

1. The link I have below will take you to the Ebates site. Sign up -- simple! Then, any time that you are going to shop on line just go to the Ebates site first and see if the place you are shopping at is listed. If it get a percentage back of what you spent. You just click on the store and it takes you direct to that stores website. They send out checks quarterly. I've received 2 checks so far. They also offer coupon codes for many on line stores. They have pretty much everything! I've used it to order flowers, airline tickets, stuff from Kohls, ebay, QVC, American Eagle, Aeropostale, clothing, etc. If you are going to purchase something on line, you might as well get some $$$ back!!! You'll get a 5.00 bonus just for signing up. And, yes, I get a little bonus, too if you use my link! Also, not to worry, you can still use any discount codes you may have when placing your orders.

2. You shop online anyways.....might as well get a little something back. Every little bit helps. It's a nice surprise in the mail!

So, here's the link:



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Coffee - Starbucks, Caribou, Green Mountain

Hi All,

Another great freebie! Free pot of coffee from Starbucks, Caribou or Green Mountain Don't forget to use a junk email address (you can make a free email account for your freebies at either or or so you don't get a bunch of spam.

CLICK HERE to sign up for your free coffee.

This is from their website:

Thank you for your interest in To receive your free pot of premium Starbucks, Caribou, or Green Mountain Coffee, complete the form. Upon submission, you'll be registered into our free members program.

Member Benefits:

  • Monthly specials and discounts from
  • First look at new products
  • Streamlined online ordering process

There is no purchase necessary and your contact information will never be sold or given to others. You can unsubscribe from future mailings at anytime.

Just CLICK HERE to go to the page and fill out the info.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Free Einstein Bros. Bagels are back!!!

Hi All,

A few months ago, there were coupons for a Free Bagel and Schmear (cream cheese...) at Einstein Bros. Bagels. I had never had one from there because we didn't have any where we used to live. Well, there are some in our area so I figured I get the free one to try.....WOW!!! Love them!!! They are expensive so I don't go too often. Einstein's has just released another coupon and it's for a FREE Bagel and a Schmear. If you have an Einstein's near you it's a free meal/snack for you! Take the kids...give each of them a coupon (they are customers, too!).

How do you get one? Just become a fan of Einstein's on Facebook. Once you do that just click on Offers on their facebook page (site is very slow right now...they are getting slammed with requests for coupons).

Click HERE to become a fan. Enjoy!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This week's Freebies at CVS

Hi Everyone,

Ready to roll those CVS Extra Bucks you got last week (if you haven't started yet, just join in!).

Therma Care Heat Wraps are on sale for 2.49 -- you can get coupons for this item by CLICKING HERE (I received a 3.00 off one...others have been getting 1.00 off one). If you're computer will let you, you can print it twice by hitting the back button (upper left corner of your screen -- the left arrow button) after the coupon prints.

So, you purchase TWO of the Terma Care Heat wraps that are on sale for 2.49 = 4.98
Also, purchase ONE green bag tag (just ask the cashier) -- and make sure she scans it (I'll explain more about this below) = .99
Buy a candy bar (or something else) that is at least .60
Use TWO of the Coupons for 1.00 off each = -2.00
*****Use the 4.50 Extra Bucks you got last week to pay....NEW TOTAL: .07!!!!!!!!!!
And -- here's the will get back 5.97 back in extra bucks (4.98 for the wraps and .99 for the green tag).

What is a Green Tag, you ask??? It's CVS's idea for going green. What benefit is it to you? Well, first, you got it free with the Extra Care Program! Second, the idea is that you attach it to a reusable bag and bring that bag with you when you shop (you can just use a plastic grocery bag). Have them scan the tag every time you shop at CVS. On every fourth trip you will get an extra 1.00 Extra Buck!!! Every little bit helps, right? I keep the tag in my purse. If I forget to bring a reusable bag or plastic grocery bag I just tell them that I'll carry my items out of the store without a bag and they still scan my green tag.

For those of you that have been following along the past few weeks, you probably still have another couple of bucks left from last week....just hang on to them -- they are good for a month. I just paper clip all my extra bucks together in order of Expiration Date.

Enjoy this weeks freebies!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Free Country Crock at Krogers/Frys

Good Morning Everyone!

Fry's/Krogers will have their Country Crock on sale for 1.00 starting tomorrow (the 21st). It may already be on sale in your area if you have Kroger's. There is a printable coupon for .40 off any Country Crock. This week (starts tomorrow at Fry's), Fry's/Kroger is making ALL manufacturers coupons worth 1.00!!! That guessed it.....this will make the Country Crock FREE!!!

You can print 2 coupons per computer (you can get your friends/relatives to print for you, too!).

CLICK HERE to go to the Country Crock website. The coupon is located near the bottom right side of the page. If you don't see it, just click on the Promotions tab near the top of the Country Crock website. ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Kraft Macaroni & Cheese!!!


Ohhhh...yummy! Free Kraft Mac & Cheese! Just fill out the info -- easy easy!!!

CLICK HERE to get to the page.


Free 7-UP and Free Scotch Brite Sponges!

HI Everyone!

How about some Free 7-UP and Free Scotch Brite Sponges!?

The 2 Liter Bottles of 7-UP go on sale quite often for 1.00 or under. If you have a Fry's store near you, they are on sale this week for 1.00. If not, check your other stores or Wal-Mart. Here is a printable coupon for 1.00 off a 2 Liter Bottle. Use this coupon when they are on sale at your store and they will be free. Don't forget that you can print the coupon twice if you hit the back button (or left arrow on the top left of your screen) right after the coupon prints.

CLICK HERE to get the coupon!

Also, Scotch Brite Sponges....the single sponges go on sale quite often for 1.00 at many stores (Fry's has them for 1.00 right now!). Here is a link to a PDF file that has 4 coupons to a page. You can print this as many times as you want to! I do NOT suggest trying to use more than a couple at a time or you will raise red flags with the cashier. Personally, I have been using 2 at a time with my other groceries. Some stores do not accept printed coupons......just wanted to let you know that! I do know that Fry's, Safeway, Basha's, Albertsons, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Wal-Mart all accept them (I have emailed each of these places and had them email me their internet coupon policies -- I carry them with me in case there is a question!).

Anyways...FREE SPONGES! CLICK HERE to get the coupons!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Freebies at CVS April 11 - 17

Hello Everyone!

Did you follow last week's introduction to getting free items at CVS? If so, get ready to "roll" those Extra Care Bucks you got last week. If not, click here to read last week's info that has all the info on getting started and just start this week with this week's deals.

So, what to buy this week? Here you go:

Dial Nutriskin Body Wash 16 ounce: On Sale for 5.49
Dove Shampoo OR Conditioner 12 ounce: On Sale for 4.49
Threes package of M&M's or Snickers at the register (the regular size): On Sale for .49: 1.47

Click here to print a coupon for 1.00 off Dial NutriSkin = -1.00

If you followed along last week you should have 10.00 in Extra Care Bucks -- You pay with this!
And -- the best part: You will receive 8.99 back in extra bucks (4.49 for the shampoo and 4.50 for the Body Wash)

If by chance you still have your coupon inserts from March 28th there is a 1.50 off Dove Product in the RedPlum coupon booklet. If you have this coupon you can buy another 1.50 worth of products at CVS for free!!! can get all kinds of things at CVS....check out all the won't believe how many things you can find for supplies, snacks, groceries, first aid items, travel size items, cold beverages, candy, the list goes on and on!


Got questions? Just ask (you can post a comment below).

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ready to start get freebies at CVS???

NOTE: The deals listed below end on Saturday evening (the 10th) so get started! New deals will start on Sunday.

Hi Everyone!

This is a long post but once you get through this first "learning to CVS" the rest will be simple. Don't wait til next week to start as you'll just have to read through this and figure out how to apply it!

So, everyone always asks me about my freebies at CVS. I have been CVS-ing for over 5 years. We haven't paid for shampoo, hand soap, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, etc., for years and we have enough stockpiled that we'll probably never have to pay for them again -- EVER! If you don't have a CVS Extra Care Card....GET ONE! I have a couple of them (one for me, one for my hubby, and one extra). It gets confusing to have multiple cards so my suggestion if you are new to this is to start with one. I haven't used my hubby's card in awhile but there are some good deals this week so I decided to start it up again and you are welcome to "follow along" and see how this works! Now, the first thing you may say is "I don't need those items".....change your thinking! You may not need it or even want it but it will be the start (and continuation) of getting you the items you do want -- for free! So, what to do with the items you don't want or need??? Several options...give them to friends, donate them, save them for a garage sale, etc. I do not have young children but purchased this week's deals anyways....some I gave away, some I am saving for a sale. So, here's how to start the dealing:

1. You'll need a few coupons for this deal and they are all printable! NOTE: You can print a printable coupon twice for each computer that you have. Once the first coupon starts printing just hit the "back" button (or left arrow button on the top left of your screen) -- you'll get a message saying the info needs to be okay and the coupon will print again! The first coupon you need is from Pedialyte. It's a coupon for Buy One Get One Free. Print it twice. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE.

2. You'll also want to get some coupons for Nature's Bounty Vitamins. This one will take a few minutes for you to do. You need to sign up for the Nature's Bounty Rewards Program. Just go to and on the left side of the screen there is an area near the top that says Healthy Rewards Sign Up Today. Do it!!! Once you are done registering you need to enter 5 codes so you can get 500 points and get the 5.00 off coupons! Sign in to your account (if you aren't already) -- Click here to go to the sign in page. Then, on the right side of the page you will see "Enter Codes". Here are the 5 codes that will get you the points you need:

Product Number: 2099 Lot Number: 18576402
Product Number: 51135 Lot Number: 18576402
Product Number: 27602 Lot Number: 18576402
Product Number: 17139 Lot Number: 18576402
Product Number: 2386 Lot Number: 18576402

Whew!!! Your done with that part! Now, on the Right Side of the page you will see "Redeem My Points Now". Click on that. You will see several coupons that you can print. Choose the 5.00 coupon. Print it twice (once the first one starts printing just "go back" one page by clicking on the left arrow at the top left of your screen). You now have two 5.00 coupons.

Okay.....TIME TO GO TO THE STORE!!! You should have two Buy One Get One Free Pedialyte Coupons and two 5.00 off Natures Bounty Coupons and your CVS Extra Card (if you don't have one just ask for one when you enter the store).

Head to the Price Check Scanner (most stores have two of them....just ask the cashier where they are located). Scan your card and you will have a few coupons print out of the machine. You should receive one for 1.00 off any CVS Paper Product and one for 1.00 off any CVS Skin Care Product.

Go to the Vitamin Section and pick out two Nature's Bounty Vitamins that cost 4.99. They are on sale this week Buy One Get One Free. Don't worry, you can use both coupons (more on that below). Now, head to the baby section and pick out 4 pedialyte products (make sure you are getting the brand name stuff...not the cvs stuff...they look very similar). You can pick the big bottle of juice, the freezer pops, or the four pack of small bottles). Now, move over to the baby wipes and pick out one of the packages that is on sale for 2 for 4.00 (you only need to buy one). Now find the Q-Tips....get the 375 count CVS Cotton Swabs (make sure it's the CVS brand!). One more item....CVS Baby Lotion (get the CVS Brand!) for 1.99.

Head to the register!!! Have the cashier scan your extra care card (very important!)

Here's what you have:

CVS Baby Wipes: 2.00
Pedialyte: 4.99
Pedialyte: 4.99
Pedialyte: 4.99
Pedialyte: 4.99
CVS 375 count Cotton Swabs: 1.99
CVS Baby Lotion: 1.99
Natures Bounty Vitamins: 4.99
Natures Bounty Vitamins: 4.99

SUBTOTAL: 35.92 - 4.99 (Natures Bounty is Buy One Get One free): 30.93 -- time to use your coupons!
Hand over your coupons for:
Pedialyte Buy One Get One Free: -4.99
Pedialyte Buy One Get One Free: -4.99
Natures Bounty Vitamins: -5.00
Natures Bounty Vitamins: -5.00
CVS Coupon for 1.00 off Paper Product (the cotton swabs!): -1.00
CVS Coupon for 1.00 off Skin Care (the baby lotion!): -1.00

NEW SUBTOTAL: 8.95 (does this still seem high to you? KEEP READING!)

Go ahead and pay for your purchase. Your receipt will print out....LOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RECEIPT! You should have a Coupon on there that says "Here is your Extra Bucks reward for having purchased select Baby Products: $10.00 EXTRA BUCKS". What is this, you ask? It's MONEY!!! You will use this on your next purchase just like cash! This essentially makes what you just bought FREE (you spent 8.95 and got back 10.00!)!

So, what to do with those lovely extra bucks.....this is how you become a CVS'er! You use these on other deals that will produce more Extra Care Bucks! Most Extra Care Bucks offers are limited -- for instance, you can only do the baby product deal once....other deals may have a limit of 3 or 4 or 5 (or more!).

You did it!!! Now, if you are feeling spunky you can turn around and "flip" or "roll" those extra bucks. Take your stuff out to your car and head back into CVS with your Extra Care Bucks coupon. This one is easy! Go to the eye care area of CVS and find the Contact Lens Solutions. The COMPLETE MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION is on sale for 8.99. It's the 12 FL OZ. package. The one I got has a Free Lens Case inside the box.

Head up to the register and grab one Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and one Stride Shift Gum. The Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are on sale for 2/1.00 (.50 only need one) and the Stride Shift Gum is .99.

Take your items to the cashier -- make sure they scan your extra care card. You should have the following:

Complete Multi-Purpose Lens Solution: 8.99
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: .50
Stride Shift Gum: .99


Note: you bought the reese's peanut butter cups to get your total over 10.00!

HERE'S THE BEST PART: LOOK AT YOUR RECEIPT! You should have 2 coupons on the receipt. One is an Extra Bucks for 8.99 for buying the Contact Lens Solution and one is an Extra Bucks for .99 for buying the Stride Shift Gum!

You just got this order basically free (.48) and you got 9.98 back in Extra Care Bucks again! See how this is working? You just keep buying items that produce Extra Bucks (ideally, you buy items that give you back at least what you had or more).

Whew! You are doing great. Just put these new Extra Bucks in your wallet, purse, etc and save them for next week. I'll be posting what to use them on next. There is often extra buck deals for toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, feminine products, shampoos, lotion, snacks, and more!

By the way...if you did both of those deals today you got 46.40 worth of stuff for 9.43 out of your pocket.....and you still have 9.98 worth of Extra Bucks for the next trip!!! more thing and we are done for today....using coupons on items that are Buy One Get One Free. I emailed CVS to make sure and YOU CAN USE A COUPON ON BOTH ITEMS! Also, for future deals -- if you have a Buy one Get One coupon for something and it is already on sale for Buy One Get can use the coupon! The email also covers the use of internet printed coupons! If the cashier gives you a hard time you just show them the email! Here is the email I received from CVS (you can copy it to your word processor and print if you want to):

Thank you for contacting CVS/pharmacy. I am in receipt of your e-mail on wanting to know if you can use two coupons on buy one get one free sale. I have included for you our coupon policy.

Our registers are set to allow one CVS coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. However, the staff should be allowing customers to use Extra Bucks in combination with other CVS coupons since these are coupons you have “earned.”

In addition, they should be allowing the use of one “offer at the register” coupon which would be an open offer of $3 off of $15 or a certain dollar amount off of a specific item. Since our registers are programmed to only accept two coupons (one CVS, one manufacturer) per item if the number of coupons exceed the items purchased a member of management will need to assist the cashier in processing the coupons.

CVS/pharmacy will accept coupons printed from the Internet. They must have a legible barcode that scans at the register. If the coupon does not scan at the register, the cashier should politely inform you that we are unable to accept your coupon. We do not allow manual overrides at the register for coupons printed from the Internet. CVS/pharmacy will not accept offers printed from unauthorized internet postings or reproductions, copies, or facsimiles.

When an item is on sale for buy one, get one free and the customer has a buy one get one free coupon for that same product, the coupon will be accepted and both items will essentially become free (plus any applicable sales tax).

Also, two manufacturer coupons can be used on a buy one get one free purchase as long as two items are scanned at the register. The system logic sees two items scanned and will allow two coupons.

Again, thank you for contacting us. We value your patronage and look forward to serving you again soon.


Customer Relations

Enough for did great!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Good Morning!

How about some Free Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!? If you still have your coupon from a few weeks ago for .55 off Dark Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (the coupon will work on the regular ones, too!), head over to Fry's (Or Basha's tomorrow for an even better deal). At Fry's today they are regularly .79 and the coupon will double making them FREE. At Basha's tomorrow, they go on sale 2 for 1.00. If you get lucky, they will just double the coupon making both of them free! Don't have a Basha's or a Fry's??? You can take these coupons to any store that doubles (or triples!) coupons and get your Reese's Cups for free. If your store doesn't double, just do a little price shopping (or wait for a sale)...many stores put them on sale for .50 and with the coupon they will still be free (check Wal-Mart!). Don't have the coupon? Well, if you love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups then it would be worth it for you to get some on ebay. I purchased 20 coupons for 2.00. For me, 20 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (actually, 40 since there's 2 in a package!) is worth 2.00! Just go to ebay and do a search for Reese's Coupon.

Enjoy the Peanut Butter Cups!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Two new great Mail In Rebates

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great Easter! Time to get back to the couponing!

If you aren't into Mail In Rebates (MIR's), you should be! You are most likely buying the stuff anyways....why not get something back? If you are new to MIR''s the basics:

1. Buy exactly what is stated.
2. Make a copy of your form, receipt(s), and UPC's.
3. Check the fine print....if the rules say to send in your "receipt(s)" then you can make your purchases in more than one transaction (buy one item from one store, and another from a different store). If the rules say to send in your "receipt"...this generally means everything must be purchased in one transaction.

So, here's two MIR's -- both for products you probably buy anyways!

1. SWIFFER REFILLS - 10.00 REWARD CARD - limit one per household ( family and want more? Use their name/address if they don't mind)

2. SC JOHNSON - 5.00 BACK when you buy 3 participating products -- Products include Ziploc, Glade, Windex, Pledge, Shout, Scrubbing Bubbles, Fantastik, Drano, Raid, Off, Saran and Nature’s Choice. Limit 3 per household (SWEET!!!)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free Sample of DOVE MEN+ CARE

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Free sample of DOVE MEN+ CARE. Just click the link below and it will take you to a page from walmart. On the upper right of the screen there is a place that says GET SAMPLE....just click on that and fill out your info! I get samples from this site all the time....takes a couple of weeks.



Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hi All,

I've gotten samples from Dunkin Donuts many times and they just posted a new one! You just fill out your info and in a few weeks you get a sample of their coffee in your mail box to make at home. Just click below! ENJOY!

Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample

Friday, March 19, 2010

Free Planters Trail Mix!!!

Hello Everyone!
I know it's been awhile since my last post....we were out of town for a little while but I'm getting back into the swing of things now.

And, that being said.....How about some FREE PLANTERS TRAIL MIX????

This post is rather long but totally worth it!

How do you get this, you ask??!! Fairly simple. Go to facebook and become a fan of Mr. Peanut (planters). Just click the link below:

Click here to become a fan of Mr. Peanut on Facebook

Once you are a fan there will be a coupon available to print for 1.50 off any Planters item. It will be on the Mr. Peanut page after you become a fan. If you don't see it, look up at the tabs on the page (you will see WALL, INFO, NCAA SWEEPS, PHOTOS, BOXES, DISCUSSIONS). Click on the tab marked NCAA SWEEPS and then scroll down the page. You should see where you can click for a coupon. You may need to install the coupon printer (it's safe). Don't log out of facebook or anything...just follow the prompts to install and then the coupon will print. ***IMPORTANT: You can get TWO of these coupons if you don't close any windows during all of this! Once the coupon starts printing you will see a message that says something like You May Now Close This Window. DON'T DO IT!!! Just click the back button on your screen (upper left corner if you are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox...the "left arrow"). You may get a pop up that says it needs to resend the information or that you need to refresh your browser. Just click the "resend" or push F5 on your keyboard....BINGO...another coupon prints. That's the max....if you try to do it again it will say you have reached your limit. However, if you have multiple computers you can log into your facebook from each one and just go back to the Mr. Peanut Page and the NCAA SWEEPS tab and print 2 from each computer!, take your coupons and head to WALGREEN'S! Inside Walgreen's you need to find a March Coupon Book (this is different than the weekly flyer). Inside the book is a coupon for 1.00 off the purchase of 2 Planter's Trail Mix. Tear it out! Head over the Nuts aisle and pick out 2 bags. They should be marked 1.99 each when you buy 2. Take your bags to the register. I try to purchase something in the .25 or under range to go with this so that my total doesn't go negative.
Walgreen's coupon policy is to accept 1 Walgreen's Coupon AND 1 Manufacturer's Coupon for each item.'s the math (you're gonna love it!):

Planter's Trail Mix: 1.99
Planter's Trail Mix: 1.99
Walgreen's Coupon for 1.00 off 2: -1.00
Manufacturer Coupon printed from facebook: -1.50
Manufacturer Coupon printed from facebook: -1.50
GRAND TOTAL: -0.2 (this is why I buy something for .25 or under if I can)

If you have a really cool cashier, you wouldn't need to get the .25 item....they adjust the coupons for you if they really want to.

My suggestions is to do this deal in sets of 2 (not 4 or 6 at one time) so that the cashier doesn't get cranky about the printed coupons. If they accuse you of copying the coupons just point out the number on the coupon under the expiration date under the funky looking barcode. The numbers are unique (not copied!).


Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Biscuits & Gravy at WAFFLE HOUSE!

Hello Everyone!

How about some free breakfast?! Click on the link below and then when the page opens just go all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see the coupon for FREE BISCUITS AND GRAVY!



Monday, February 22, 2010

Free $10.00 Gift Card to Bahama Breeze

Free 10.00 Gift Card to BAHAMA BREEZE. Just fill out your info and click submit. This would be one of those times you should you use an alternate email address so that you don't get a bunch of spam in your regular email.

Click below!


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hi All,

This is a pretty simple one! Just click on the link and answer the question (do NOT choose excedrin as an answer or you will only get a 2.00 coupon).

You will then be taken to a page to fill out your info. You'll get a coupon in the mail in about 5 days for a free box of excedrin!


Here is the link:


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kroger/Fry's DAYTONA 500 Sale!

Hello Everyone!

New deal going on starting today at Kroger/Fry's. You can do this deal multiple times. The first time you do it you will have an out of pocket expense ranging from 6.00 - 10.00 (depending on your coupons) but after that....all your orders can be FREE!!!!!

Here is what I bought today and the coupons used and what I received back:

6 cans of Pillsbury Biscuits - 1.19 x 6 = 7.14
2 bottles of Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent - 2.49 x 2 = 4.98
2 two liter bottles of Coca Cola - 1.19 x 2 = 2.38

Daytona 500 Mega Event (buy 10 participating items get 3.00 off) = -3.00
2 coupons for 1.00 off any coca cola product = -2.00
1 coupons for .30 off pillsbury biscuits (doubles to .60 off) = -.60
2 coupon for .40 off pillsbury buiscuits (each doubles to .80) = -1.60
2 coupons for .35 off Purex Laundry Detergent (each doubles to .70 off) = -1.40


****'s the kicker!!! The Catalina Machine (that little machine that prints out coupons from time to time while you are checking out) will print out TWO coupons for you. One is for 4.00 off your next order because you bought 2 Purex and the other is 4.00 off your next order because you bought 6 pillsbury biscuits!

THAT'S 8.00 OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER!!!!! So, what do you do with these 2 coupons? You do this deal again and again and with coupons your orders will be FREE!!!

How do you get the coupons for the items I listed? There are many places to get them. This list will get you started:

Pillsbury Coupons can be found in your local Sunday paper or you can get them on line! Just go to and at the top of the page you will see a tab that says Coupons. You just need to sign up (this is why I suggest having a separate email for coupons/promos) and then you can print your coupons. You can print each coupon twice. If you have more than one computer you can get even more (2 per computer) can also ask friends/family to print them for you.

Purex Coupons: Same deal as pillsbury. They can be found in your local Sunday paper (there was one a few weeks ago) or you can print them from Once you get to the website you will see a spot in the upper right hand part of the page that says SEND TO FRIEND, GET A COUPON. Very on that. Send yourself an email with their form. As soon as you click "submit" you will get a screen to print your coupon. Once the coupon has printed, hit the BACK button (upper left of your screen....also might be a left hand arrow) and you can print it again (your browser may tell you need to refresh the it). Same thing...2 per computer.

Coca Cola Coupons: these are a little harder to get. I went to and signed up for their program and took a few surveys and got enough points to get coupons mailed to me. You will probably not receive these in time for this deal at Fry's/Krogers but you should still do this and then you will have the coupons!

One more note.....what to do with all those biscuits??? First, make biscuits and gravy (yummy!). Other than serving them with your meals you can always share with neighbors, food banks, family, etc.

If you have questions, just post a comment here or you can email me!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Free Sample of Cream of Wheat

Hi Everyone!

Very sample of Cream of Wheat -- many flavors to choose from. Just click below and fill out your info:


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free Yakisoba Noodles at MANY STORES

Hi Everyone! Just got back from the store with several containers of Yakisoba Noodles for free. You can get these coupons on ebay. I just looked and there are auctions available for 8 coupons for 1.00 with Buy It Now and even better deals if you want to just bid on them. Many stores regularly put these on sale for 1.00 and if your store doubles coupons it will make them free with the coupons (each coupon is for .50 off). If you haven't tried the Yakisoba Noodles they are kind of like Ramen Noodles. They have them in Chicken Flavor and Teriyaki Flavor and Cheese Flavor. They pretty much last forever on the shelf and are an easy quick meal. Also great for college kids! You'll find these in the soup aisle near the Ramen Noodles.

****NOTE****: Although I have 20 coupons for these I did not use them all at once. The sale at my store lasts until Tuesdsay (and trust me, another store will put them on sale next week) so I just get a few each time I go unless I'm in really good with a cashier that won't give me a hassle about using so many coupons. I do not suggest trying to use 20 of the same coupon in one transaction unless you know your cashier. Cashier's can get a bit "grumpy" when you use so many coupons and sometimes stores will impose a "3 like coupons per order" limit. However, on the other hand, if your store is very coupon friendly....GO FOR IT!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Kroger/Fry's Mega Sale - 183.97 worth for 9.24!!!!

Good Morning Everyone! Just returned from Fry's Grocery Store (Kroger) and took advantage of their Mega Sale (buy 10 particpating items and get 5.00 off your order - can be done multiple times). According to my receipts I got $183.97 worth of groceries (pre-sale prices) for 9.24!!!! I have broken it all down below.

You'll notice that I have quite a few bags of the Quaker Rick Quakes...I bought these because with the coupons I had they caused "overage"....basically, the store paid me .50 a bag to take them! We don't care for them so they will be donated to the local food bank (and some to a friend that likes them!).

***NOTE: If you are going to do the Mega Sale, make sure you that have 10 items from the particpating items (not 11, not will mess you up!). They don't have to be 10 of the same item. You can do this multiple times (20 items, 30 items). However, if you try to buy 11 of the items, the 11th item will be regular price...(if you have questions feel free to make a post here and I'll try to answer it!)***

Here is a breakdown of what I bought and the coupons I used:

31 Bags of Quaker Rice Quakes
6 Bottles Sobe Life Water
1 Oscar Mayer Deli Creations
1 Krusteaz Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
11 Boxes of Electrasol Dish Detergent Gel Pacs
4 Twelve Packs of Coca Cola
6 Old El Paso Taco Seasonings
Ground Meat

I had 31 Coupons for the Quaker Rice Quakes that took .99 off each. The Mega Sale price was .49 so I made .50 on each one!

I had 3 coupons for Buy One Get One Free Sobe Life Water. The Mega Sale Price was .49 but the cash register automatically took off .99 making all 6 bottles FREE

I had 2 coupons for Buy Two Old El Paso Items, Get One Free and because I had 6 in my cart (2 were free with the coupons), the register spit out a coupon for 3.00 off a purchase of Beef which the cashier used on this order making the beef (4.27 before coupon) come down to 1.27.

I had 4 coupons for 1.00 off any Coca Cola Product. These were on sale 4 for 10.00 so with my coupons I got them 4 for 6.00 or 1.50 each!

I had 1 coupon for 1.00 off any Oscar Mayer Deli Creations. The Mega Sale Price was 1.99 so I got it for .99

I had 1 coupon for 1.00 off Krusteaz Cookie Mix. The Mega Sale Price was 1.49 so I got it for .49 (mmmmmm.....cookies!)

There were various discounts taken off for my loyalty card (VIP Card).

Here is what the bottom of my receipt looked like:

Manufacturer Coupon Savings: 64.77
Bonus Coupon Savings: 3.09
VIP Card Savings: 106.87

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Sure Deodorant at Walgreen's

Time to stock up on deodorant! You can get free Sure Deodorant at Walgreen's this week! Here's how to do it:

1. You will need the Walgreen's ad. You can either get the one out of your Sunday paper or you can get one in the store. On page 10 there is a coupon in the lower right corner for Sure Deodorant for 2 for 3.00

2. You will need the Smart Source Coupon Insert from your Sunday Paper. You'll need two of these (time to get friendly with your neighbors or ask your relatives for theirs!). If you can't find two, you can still get a really good deal.

3. There is a coupon for 1.50 off any one Sure for Men Deodorant. If you can get your hands on two of these coupons you will get both for free! If you can't, you can use the other coupon in the insert (just below the first one) for 1.00 off Sure Deodorant and get the two for a total of .50

4. Take your coupons....the one from the Walgreen's Ad and the two from the Sunday papers and head to Walgreen's. You can use all of the coupons together! Walgreen's policy is to accept a Walgreen's Coupon AND Manufacturer's Coupon together!

5. Sale price with Walgreen's Coupon: 2 for 3.00. Use 2 of the 1.50 off coupons and your order is FREE!!! Otherwise use one 1.50 coupon and one 1.00 coupon and the walgreen's coupon and your order is .50.

NOTE: You can actually get 4 for free if you have enough coupons as the Walgreen's Coupon states a limit of 4.

I ask everyone for their Sunday coupon inserts that I know doesn't use them!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Starkist Tuna Pouches at WalMart

Hello Everyone! Walmart sells their Starkist Tuna Pouches for 1.00 (only the original flavor...not the others). It's the small pouch - 2.6 ounces. You can get these for free with the following printable coupons. Some walmarts will tell you that they do not accept internet coupons....this is not true. I called walmart and had them send me an email with their coupon policy (you can do the same 1-800-walmart). This may be a non issue for you if your walmart knows what they are doing! Also, it helps to go to young cashier's!

You can print the coupon twice! Once the coupon finishes printing just click the back button on your browser (the little arrow that points to the left in the upper left corner of your screen!). You may get a message that the page needs to resend the info...just click resend and the coupon will print again! Got more than one computer? You can print two coupons from each computer.

Here are the links to the coupons:

If you use FIREFOX click here: Starkist Tuna Coupon

If you use INTERNET EXPLORER click here: Starkist Tuna Coupon


Kroger's (Fry's) Mega Sale to start this week

Depending on where you live, this sale will either start on Monday January 25th or Wednesday January 27th.

Kroger (Fry's in Arizona) will be having their Mega Sale. The deal is that you buy 10 participating items and you automatically get 5.00 off your bill. If you want to make this a true freebie/money maker deal, you will need to do the following:

1. The Quaker Rice quakes are going to be on sale for .99 a bag.
2. Buy 10 of them and you will get 5.00 off your bill making them .49 each.
3. There are coupons available from the January 10th Red Plum Coupon Insert (from the Sunday paper) for .75 off one bag. Kroger/Fry's doubles coupons up to 1.00 so your .75 coupon will be worth 1.00.
4. I purchased 20 of these coupons on ebay (you can too! just do a search on ebay for Quaker Rice Coupon). I know it seems silly to "pay" for coupons but you will be making money on them. I paid 2.75 for 20 might get lucky and find them cheaper...just look at all the auctions and find the best deal per coupon.
5. HERE'S WHERE IT GETS FUN: You should have 10 bags of quaker rice quakes in your cart. Now you need to buy AT LEAST 5.01 worth of other groceries. It can be anything....milk, eggs, meat, bread, candy....anything! Make sure that the items you buy total OVER 5.00 (you don't want your total to go negative)!
6. Head to the registers. Have the cashier scan your kroger/fry's card and ring up your order. Hand the cashier your 10 coupons. Your total should now be under 1.00 (depending on what you bought in addition to the Quaker Rice Quakes).

Here's why this works: The Quaker Rice Quakes were .99 and you bought 10 (9.99) and got 5.00 off your order for a new total of 4.99. You bought 5.01 worth of other groceries for a new total of 10.00. You used 10 coupons for the Quaker Rice Quakes (.75 coupon which doubles to 1.00).....10.00 worth of coupons! Your total is $0.00!!!!!!! My suggestion is to purchase at least 5.25 so that the cashier doesn't get irritated with you for getting it all for's been know to happen!

YOU CAN DO THIS DEAL OVER AND OVER AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE COUPONS! It's kind of weird at first if you've never done this type of shopping but it works! I go through the line, take my stuff to the car and go back in and do it again. You'll want to check your paper and see if you can do more than one set of 10 at a time. Sometimes it will say you can do 3 transactions at this case you could use 30 coupons and get 15.00 worth of free groceries.

What to do with all those rice cakes? Personally, I hate them! I have a friend that loves them and I give her as many as she wants...the rest get donated to the local food bank (I even ask for a receipt from the food bank and write it off on my taxes as a donation!).