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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free Yakisoba Noodles at MANY STORES

Hi Everyone! Just got back from the store with several containers of Yakisoba Noodles for free. You can get these coupons on ebay. I just looked and there are auctions available for 8 coupons for 1.00 with Buy It Now and even better deals if you want to just bid on them. Many stores regularly put these on sale for 1.00 and if your store doubles coupons it will make them free with the coupons (each coupon is for .50 off). If you haven't tried the Yakisoba Noodles they are kind of like Ramen Noodles. They have them in Chicken Flavor and Teriyaki Flavor and Cheese Flavor. They pretty much last forever on the shelf and are an easy quick meal. Also great for college kids! You'll find these in the soup aisle near the Ramen Noodles.

****NOTE****: Although I have 20 coupons for these I did not use them all at once. The sale at my store lasts until Tuesdsay (and trust me, another store will put them on sale next week) so I just get a few each time I go unless I'm in really good with a cashier that won't give me a hassle about using so many coupons. I do not suggest trying to use 20 of the same coupon in one transaction unless you know your cashier. Cashier's can get a bit "grumpy" when you use so many coupons and sometimes stores will impose a "3 like coupons per order" limit. However, on the other hand, if your store is very coupon friendly....GO FOR IT!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Kroger/Fry's Mega Sale - 183.97 worth for 9.24!!!!

Good Morning Everyone! Just returned from Fry's Grocery Store (Kroger) and took advantage of their Mega Sale (buy 10 particpating items and get 5.00 off your order - can be done multiple times). According to my receipts I got $183.97 worth of groceries (pre-sale prices) for 9.24!!!! I have broken it all down below.

You'll notice that I have quite a few bags of the Quaker Rick Quakes...I bought these because with the coupons I had they caused "overage"....basically, the store paid me .50 a bag to take them! We don't care for them so they will be donated to the local food bank (and some to a friend that likes them!).

***NOTE: If you are going to do the Mega Sale, make sure you that have 10 items from the particpating items (not 11, not will mess you up!). They don't have to be 10 of the same item. You can do this multiple times (20 items, 30 items). However, if you try to buy 11 of the items, the 11th item will be regular price...(if you have questions feel free to make a post here and I'll try to answer it!)***

Here is a breakdown of what I bought and the coupons I used:

31 Bags of Quaker Rice Quakes
6 Bottles Sobe Life Water
1 Oscar Mayer Deli Creations
1 Krusteaz Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
11 Boxes of Electrasol Dish Detergent Gel Pacs
4 Twelve Packs of Coca Cola
6 Old El Paso Taco Seasonings
Ground Meat

I had 31 Coupons for the Quaker Rice Quakes that took .99 off each. The Mega Sale price was .49 so I made .50 on each one!

I had 3 coupons for Buy One Get One Free Sobe Life Water. The Mega Sale Price was .49 but the cash register automatically took off .99 making all 6 bottles FREE

I had 2 coupons for Buy Two Old El Paso Items, Get One Free and because I had 6 in my cart (2 were free with the coupons), the register spit out a coupon for 3.00 off a purchase of Beef which the cashier used on this order making the beef (4.27 before coupon) come down to 1.27.

I had 4 coupons for 1.00 off any Coca Cola Product. These were on sale 4 for 10.00 so with my coupons I got them 4 for 6.00 or 1.50 each!

I had 1 coupon for 1.00 off any Oscar Mayer Deli Creations. The Mega Sale Price was 1.99 so I got it for .99

I had 1 coupon for 1.00 off Krusteaz Cookie Mix. The Mega Sale Price was 1.49 so I got it for .49 (mmmmmm.....cookies!)

There were various discounts taken off for my loyalty card (VIP Card).

Here is what the bottom of my receipt looked like:

Manufacturer Coupon Savings: 64.77
Bonus Coupon Savings: 3.09
VIP Card Savings: 106.87

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Sure Deodorant at Walgreen's

Time to stock up on deodorant! You can get free Sure Deodorant at Walgreen's this week! Here's how to do it:

1. You will need the Walgreen's ad. You can either get the one out of your Sunday paper or you can get one in the store. On page 10 there is a coupon in the lower right corner for Sure Deodorant for 2 for 3.00

2. You will need the Smart Source Coupon Insert from your Sunday Paper. You'll need two of these (time to get friendly with your neighbors or ask your relatives for theirs!). If you can't find two, you can still get a really good deal.

3. There is a coupon for 1.50 off any one Sure for Men Deodorant. If you can get your hands on two of these coupons you will get both for free! If you can't, you can use the other coupon in the insert (just below the first one) for 1.00 off Sure Deodorant and get the two for a total of .50

4. Take your coupons....the one from the Walgreen's Ad and the two from the Sunday papers and head to Walgreen's. You can use all of the coupons together! Walgreen's policy is to accept a Walgreen's Coupon AND Manufacturer's Coupon together!

5. Sale price with Walgreen's Coupon: 2 for 3.00. Use 2 of the 1.50 off coupons and your order is FREE!!! Otherwise use one 1.50 coupon and one 1.00 coupon and the walgreen's coupon and your order is .50.

NOTE: You can actually get 4 for free if you have enough coupons as the Walgreen's Coupon states a limit of 4.

I ask everyone for their Sunday coupon inserts that I know doesn't use them!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Starkist Tuna Pouches at WalMart

Hello Everyone! Walmart sells their Starkist Tuna Pouches for 1.00 (only the original flavor...not the others). It's the small pouch - 2.6 ounces. You can get these for free with the following printable coupons. Some walmarts will tell you that they do not accept internet coupons....this is not true. I called walmart and had them send me an email with their coupon policy (you can do the same 1-800-walmart). This may be a non issue for you if your walmart knows what they are doing! Also, it helps to go to young cashier's!

You can print the coupon twice! Once the coupon finishes printing just click the back button on your browser (the little arrow that points to the left in the upper left corner of your screen!). You may get a message that the page needs to resend the info...just click resend and the coupon will print again! Got more than one computer? You can print two coupons from each computer.

Here are the links to the coupons:

If you use FIREFOX click here: Starkist Tuna Coupon

If you use INTERNET EXPLORER click here: Starkist Tuna Coupon


Kroger's (Fry's) Mega Sale to start this week

Depending on where you live, this sale will either start on Monday January 25th or Wednesday January 27th.

Kroger (Fry's in Arizona) will be having their Mega Sale. The deal is that you buy 10 participating items and you automatically get 5.00 off your bill. If you want to make this a true freebie/money maker deal, you will need to do the following:

1. The Quaker Rice quakes are going to be on sale for .99 a bag.
2. Buy 10 of them and you will get 5.00 off your bill making them .49 each.
3. There are coupons available from the January 10th Red Plum Coupon Insert (from the Sunday paper) for .75 off one bag. Kroger/Fry's doubles coupons up to 1.00 so your .75 coupon will be worth 1.00.
4. I purchased 20 of these coupons on ebay (you can too! just do a search on ebay for Quaker Rice Coupon). I know it seems silly to "pay" for coupons but you will be making money on them. I paid 2.75 for 20 might get lucky and find them cheaper...just look at all the auctions and find the best deal per coupon.
5. HERE'S WHERE IT GETS FUN: You should have 10 bags of quaker rice quakes in your cart. Now you need to buy AT LEAST 5.01 worth of other groceries. It can be anything....milk, eggs, meat, bread, candy....anything! Make sure that the items you buy total OVER 5.00 (you don't want your total to go negative)!
6. Head to the registers. Have the cashier scan your kroger/fry's card and ring up your order. Hand the cashier your 10 coupons. Your total should now be under 1.00 (depending on what you bought in addition to the Quaker Rice Quakes).

Here's why this works: The Quaker Rice Quakes were .99 and you bought 10 (9.99) and got 5.00 off your order for a new total of 4.99. You bought 5.01 worth of other groceries for a new total of 10.00. You used 10 coupons for the Quaker Rice Quakes (.75 coupon which doubles to 1.00).....10.00 worth of coupons! Your total is $0.00!!!!!!! My suggestion is to purchase at least 5.25 so that the cashier doesn't get irritated with you for getting it all for's been know to happen!

YOU CAN DO THIS DEAL OVER AND OVER AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE COUPONS! It's kind of weird at first if you've never done this type of shopping but it works! I go through the line, take my stuff to the car and go back in and do it again. You'll want to check your paper and see if you can do more than one set of 10 at a time. Sometimes it will say you can do 3 transactions at this case you could use 30 coupons and get 15.00 worth of free groceries.

What to do with all those rice cakes? Personally, I hate them! I have a friend that loves them and I give her as many as she wants...the rest get donated to the local food bank (I even ask for a receipt from the food bank and write it off on my taxes as a donation!).