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Monday, May 17, 2010

Just got my check from ebates -- this is a no brainer!!!

Hi All,

Been awhile since I posted....been busy with visiting company! Anyways, I back at it and since I just received my second check in the mail from Ebates, I can officially say it works!

Here's the deal:

1. The link I have below will take you to the Ebates site. Sign up -- simple! Then, any time that you are going to shop on line just go to the Ebates site first and see if the place you are shopping at is listed. If it get a percentage back of what you spent. You just click on the store and it takes you direct to that stores website. They send out checks quarterly. I've received 2 checks so far. They also offer coupon codes for many on line stores. They have pretty much everything! I've used it to order flowers, airline tickets, stuff from Kohls, ebay, QVC, American Eagle, Aeropostale, clothing, etc. If you are going to purchase something on line, you might as well get some $$$ back!!! You'll get a 5.00 bonus just for signing up. And, yes, I get a little bonus, too if you use my link! Also, not to worry, you can still use any discount codes you may have when placing your orders.

2. You shop online anyways.....might as well get a little something back. Every little bit helps. It's a nice surprise in the mail!

So, here's the link:



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