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Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Breyers Ice Cream - Circle K/Walmart/Albertson's

Hi All,

Sweet deal if you have these stores near you! 4 FREE pints of Breyer's Ice Cream (you can get more but you can only do 4 at a time).

Here's the 2 ways to do it:

1st way (and the easiest) -- this is if you have a Circle K gas station AND an Albertson's near you.

1. Go to Circle K Gas Station and head to the frozen food area. There should be coupons stuck to the freezer door for 1.00 off 1 pint of Breyers Ice Cream. Take however many you will use (don't be too greedy -- you can always go back for more or go to another Circle K).

2. Head to Albertson's. Buy 4 Pints of Breyer's Ice Cream. They are having a special that when you buy 4 pints they are .50 each.

3. My cashier let me use 2 Coupons (the system would have taken 4 and gave me overage but she caught on).

YOUR TOTAL WILL BE 2.00 (.50x4) -- you will pay with the Two 1.00 off coupons.

2nd Way to do this:

Do the same as above but go to Wal-Mart instead of Albertson's. You will need to have the Albertson's ad with you. Wal-Mart does PRICE MATCHING. Just tell (and show if they ask) the cashier that Albertson's has the pints for .50. If they give you any grief about it being a "special when you buy four" just point out that in the ad the regular price is 1.00 (then you can use 4 coupons).


Going to Albertson's is slightly easier since you don't have to Price Match.

Have fun!

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