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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kroger's (Fry's) Mega Sale to start this week

Depending on where you live, this sale will either start on Monday January 25th or Wednesday January 27th.

Kroger (Fry's in Arizona) will be having their Mega Sale. The deal is that you buy 10 participating items and you automatically get 5.00 off your bill. If you want to make this a true freebie/money maker deal, you will need to do the following:

1. The Quaker Rice quakes are going to be on sale for .99 a bag.
2. Buy 10 of them and you will get 5.00 off your bill making them .49 each.
3. There are coupons available from the January 10th Red Plum Coupon Insert (from the Sunday paper) for .75 off one bag. Kroger/Fry's doubles coupons up to 1.00 so your .75 coupon will be worth 1.00.
4. I purchased 20 of these coupons on ebay (you can too! just do a search on ebay for Quaker Rice Coupon). I know it seems silly to "pay" for coupons but you will be making money on them. I paid 2.75 for 20 might get lucky and find them cheaper...just look at all the auctions and find the best deal per coupon.
5. HERE'S WHERE IT GETS FUN: You should have 10 bags of quaker rice quakes in your cart. Now you need to buy AT LEAST 5.01 worth of other groceries. It can be anything....milk, eggs, meat, bread, candy....anything! Make sure that the items you buy total OVER 5.00 (you don't want your total to go negative)!
6. Head to the registers. Have the cashier scan your kroger/fry's card and ring up your order. Hand the cashier your 10 coupons. Your total should now be under 1.00 (depending on what you bought in addition to the Quaker Rice Quakes).

Here's why this works: The Quaker Rice Quakes were .99 and you bought 10 (9.99) and got 5.00 off your order for a new total of 4.99. You bought 5.01 worth of other groceries for a new total of 10.00. You used 10 coupons for the Quaker Rice Quakes (.75 coupon which doubles to 1.00).....10.00 worth of coupons! Your total is $0.00!!!!!!! My suggestion is to purchase at least 5.25 so that the cashier doesn't get irritated with you for getting it all for's been know to happen!

YOU CAN DO THIS DEAL OVER AND OVER AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE COUPONS! It's kind of weird at first if you've never done this type of shopping but it works! I go through the line, take my stuff to the car and go back in and do it again. You'll want to check your paper and see if you can do more than one set of 10 at a time. Sometimes it will say you can do 3 transactions at this case you could use 30 coupons and get 15.00 worth of free groceries.

What to do with all those rice cakes? Personally, I hate them! I have a friend that loves them and I give her as many as she wants...the rest get donated to the local food bank (I even ask for a receipt from the food bank and write it off on my taxes as a donation!).


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