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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free Yakisoba Noodles at MANY STORES

Hi Everyone! Just got back from the store with several containers of Yakisoba Noodles for free. You can get these coupons on ebay. I just looked and there are auctions available for 8 coupons for 1.00 with Buy It Now and even better deals if you want to just bid on them. Many stores regularly put these on sale for 1.00 and if your store doubles coupons it will make them free with the coupons (each coupon is for .50 off). If you haven't tried the Yakisoba Noodles they are kind of like Ramen Noodles. They have them in Chicken Flavor and Teriyaki Flavor and Cheese Flavor. They pretty much last forever on the shelf and are an easy quick meal. Also great for college kids! You'll find these in the soup aisle near the Ramen Noodles.

****NOTE****: Although I have 20 coupons for these I did not use them all at once. The sale at my store lasts until Tuesdsay (and trust me, another store will put them on sale next week) so I just get a few each time I go unless I'm in really good with a cashier that won't give me a hassle about using so many coupons. I do not suggest trying to use 20 of the same coupon in one transaction unless you know your cashier. Cashier's can get a bit "grumpy" when you use so many coupons and sometimes stores will impose a "3 like coupons per order" limit. However, on the other hand, if your store is very coupon friendly....GO FOR IT!


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