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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This week's Freebies at CVS

Hi Everyone,

Ready to roll those CVS Extra Bucks you got last week (if you haven't started yet, just join in!).

Therma Care Heat Wraps are on sale for 2.49 -- you can get coupons for this item by CLICKING HERE (I received a 3.00 off one...others have been getting 1.00 off one). If you're computer will let you, you can print it twice by hitting the back button (upper left corner of your screen -- the left arrow button) after the coupon prints.

So, you purchase TWO of the Terma Care Heat wraps that are on sale for 2.49 = 4.98
Also, purchase ONE green bag tag (just ask the cashier) -- and make sure she scans it (I'll explain more about this below) = .99
Buy a candy bar (or something else) that is at least .60
Use TWO of the Coupons for 1.00 off each = -2.00
*****Use the 4.50 Extra Bucks you got last week to pay....NEW TOTAL: .07!!!!!!!!!!
And -- here's the will get back 5.97 back in extra bucks (4.98 for the wraps and .99 for the green tag).

What is a Green Tag, you ask??? It's CVS's idea for going green. What benefit is it to you? Well, first, you got it free with the Extra Care Program! Second, the idea is that you attach it to a reusable bag and bring that bag with you when you shop (you can just use a plastic grocery bag). Have them scan the tag every time you shop at CVS. On every fourth trip you will get an extra 1.00 Extra Buck!!! Every little bit helps, right? I keep the tag in my purse. If I forget to bring a reusable bag or plastic grocery bag I just tell them that I'll carry my items out of the store without a bag and they still scan my green tag.

For those of you that have been following along the past few weeks, you probably still have another couple of bucks left from last week....just hang on to them -- they are good for a month. I just paper clip all my extra bucks together in order of Expiration Date.

Enjoy this weeks freebies!

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