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Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Bryers Ice Cream and Bananas!!!! Circle K/Walmart

Hello Everyone!

I know it's been a long time since I posted a deal -- sorry about that!!!

Anyways, how about some free Bryer's Ice Cream?! And...some bananas! YOU WILL NEED THIS WEEK'S ALBERTSON'S AD (so you can show it to the cashier at wal-mart).

This one is fairly easy.....

1. Print this coupon: Free Bananas At Circle K
***Note: the coupon for the bananas is only good today July 9th. If you don't get there today you can still do the ice cream deal below:

2. Head over to your nearest Circle K gas station (other gas stations may work). Once you get there just head over to the freezer case. Most Circle K gas stations have coupons stuck to the outside of the freezer doors. Today I found coupons for 1.00 off of Bryer's Ice Cream Pints. I snagged 6 of them!!! Just put the coupons in your purse/wallet.

3. Head towards the registers and you will find the Bananas for the coupon in the first step. Take your 3 pounds of Bananas to the register and hand the clerk the coupon. You do NOT have to pay tax on them....some cashiers don't know what to do with the coupons and they try to make you pay the tax. There are instructions printed on the coupons for the cashiers to read!!!

4. Now, take your bananas (and the Bryer's coupons that you got) and get back in your car and smile cuz you just got 3 pounds of bananas for free! Now, drive on over to Wal-Mart. Take your Albertsons ad into the store with you.

5. Go find the Bryer's Ice Cream and grab as many pints as you have coupons.

6. Head up the register and show your ablertsons ad to the cashier so she can Price Match the 1.00 Bryer's Ice Cream. After she rings up the order, hand her the coupons!

I bought 6 Bryer's Ice Cream Pints.... Total was after coupons..... .12!!!!!!

WOOO HOOO!!!!! Enjoy!

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